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france. president of of the paris museum coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00. >> a new 7-11 opened in a san nayo neighborhood. how long will it stay open? >> 100 residents, not if they have their way. vic lee is live where the counsel may decide the store's fate tonight. vic? >> well, a city official told me they can't remember a more contentious issue than this. çkx hall gearing up for a crowd tonight. they expect several hundred people in city council chambers. there is only one thing on the agenda. that 7-11 in north san mateo. to00 people in the neighborhood signed pet yigs asking the city to stop the 7-11 from opening. they don't want a convenience store that may invite loitering in this family friendly neighborhood. >> this is a high use market. people will come here 24 hours her per day. deliveries will be made. >> they say the permit show slipped through without going through appropriate process. >> they gave no public notice of that. they gave no legal process to that. >> the property sits on land that was2ujk designated as a residential zone. the old zone was a deli that was gra
in paris with pixie dust, she's transported to the runway. sarah jessica parker gets the cartoon treatment. >> you have beautiful ears. >> thank you. >> she was there for the unveiling with our boss, disney ceo bob iger. >> it's fantasy. we imagine ourselves in a scenario different from our own. and that is the quality. >> iger hopes it's a way to keep the characters on the cutting edge of style. >> we're presenting a marriage between disney characters and high fashion it approves great characters are timeless. always in style. >> and it's for a good cause, 25% of the proceeds will go to the red cross to help victims of hurricane sandy z fear not. this story also has a happy ending. paula ferris, abc news, new york. >> you have to have traditional mini. >> yes. you do. >> very good. >> just ahead, little known bay area post office like stepping back through time, how it could be threatened by cuts. >> and coming up at 5:00 package deliveries kicking into high gear this time of the year. ups tells abc 7 news the best way to keep thieves from running off with gifts. >> he was there for me wh
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2